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About Pedal with Polumbus
Tyler Polumbus:
A champion on the field and off

Former Denver Bronco, Tyler Polumbus connected with the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance (COCA) after the death of his mother, Nancy, in April 2020. He wanted to help COCA raise awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factors and support COCA's emotional and financial assistance programs. 

He told us he would cycle 100 miles around (and around and around) Empower Field at Mile High Stadium. And that he would raise $20,000 with his ride. 

We thought he was a little crazy.


But then we saw him in action.

Within days of the beginning of his campaign,

Tyler's friends and fans pitched in and raised that $20,000.

Then the goal was raised to $25,000.

Then $35,000.

By the time event day arrived, over $42,000 had been raised!

On the morning of September 19th, Tyler hopped on his bicycle and rode 100 miles pretty much non-stop. We had provided him with "relief riders" but he never had them take over. He rode alongside them. He proved his status as a champion. A champion on the football field and a champion in the lives of Colorado survivors and caregivers who depend on the services of the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

In 2021, Tyler rode with a total of 50 other riders, raising over $150,000 to support the women of Colorado who are served by COCA's programs!

In a time of utter uncertainty, during a global pandemic, Tyler and those who donated and participated made an indescribable difference to our little non-profit. 

Here's to our champion, Tyler Polumbus!

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